Our commitment to justice must be impact and integrity-driven.

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Dominique Day has two decades of experience as a justice advocate in the United States and internationally. Her research, teaching, and access to justice work take her all over the world and she was appointed to the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent in 2018.  Dominique has worked as a public defender, a class action litigator, a policy analyst, and a nonprofit leader on issues of human rights and civil rights, criminal justice, racial justice, consumer protection, and more. Dominique’s work also includes legal counsel and assistance, individual and organizational advising, and strategy. She teaches and guest lectures on issues of human rights, civil rights, race, sexual orientation and gender identity, women's access and equality, and a wide range of rule of law and access to justice issues. Dominique attended Harvard College and Stanford Law School and lives in New York City. Her work is characterized by a fierce belief in communities’ potential and a commitment to promoting strong rule of law and an inclusive access to justice. 


director of policy | dponce@daylyt.org

Daniela Ponce is a Sociologist with a Master’s Degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service at American University. She has fifteen years of experience as a researcher, policy advocate, and documentary filmmaker in the fields of human rights protection and conflict transformation. Daniela has led and coordinated multiple peace and justice initiatives in the U.S. and Latin America at the Organization of American States and at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington DC. In Chile, she has worked with the former prosecutor of Augusto Pinochet, Judge Juan Guzmán, and has played an important role in various human rights cases in conflict-affected areas of Southern Chile. Outside of the U.S. and Chile, she spent much of her career in Nepal during the armed-conflict where she researched the numerous ongoing human rights violations, the rise of the democracy movement, the abolition of the monarchy, and the subsequent peace process. She was born and raised in Easter Island and Santiago, Chile.


Policy Advisor

The last 20 years working in human rights around the globe have taught Shaun that dreaming for a better world is necessary.  Envisioning a world where human rights advocates are no longer needed keeps him going on the darker days. Shaun has considerable experience in a wide range of human rights issues, current issues are racism and poverty in the UK and how both intersect with the LGBTIQ communities in the Country. Shaun has intervened at UN and EU policy levels and developed considerable expertise in training and capacity development of human rights activists, NHRIs, Government and community-based organisations. Almost 10 years ago he researched and co-authored a manual for the protection of LGBTI human rights defenders and is disappointed that the manual is still relevant today. Shaun maintains strong links to both local and international queer movements. Shaun has lived, worked and travelled enough to understand that it’s the little things that matter. Cheddar cheese is a real passion. Shaun is married to Ryan and they have two rescue dogs, Bouncer from the Philippines and Mollie from Nepal. He still enjoys the crazy that being a dog-human to two dogs can bring.