do what you do better.

By isolating and identifying areas of inefficiency or ineffectiveness, DAYLIGHT can help you maximize your impact and supercharge your mission.  Key areas of expertise DAYLIGHT deploys in its capacity-building work include:


Online and on-demand training and seminars on race, gender, intersectionality, sexuality and gender identity, including Diversity + Inclusion, Ethics, and Professional Practice credit.

Leadership Development

Effective and inspiring leadership at every level drives excellence.  DAYLIGHT can help you facilitate organic leadership throughout your organization, improve your management metrics, and develop the teams and leaders that will transform your organization and its culture.

Human Rights

Understanding the human rights framework allows for effective advocacy.  DAYLIGHT builds organizational and individual capacity and understanding of human rights advocacy in the context of your work, your challenges, your needs.

Strategic Planning

Using a design research approach and various tools designed to leverage your core strengths, DAYLIGHT can engage your organization in a wide-ranging assessment to drive clear and workable recommendations for future excellence.

Diversity + Inclusion

Whether your organization adds diverse voices to the conversation or needs diversity in its internal discourse, DAYLIGHT can help you maximize your impact. Individually, organizationally, and collectively, we need diversity and the strengths it affords.  

For organizations struggling to maintain/achieve diversity, DAYLIGHT can help you embrace an authentic commitment to diversity in your work.  

For organizations representing diverse viewpoints along the lines of race, gender, sexuality, disability, or others, DAYLIGHT can help you hone and target your advocacy to broaden your impact and build your influence.

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