DAYLIGHT | Rule Of Law • Access To Justice • Advocacy, Inc.

a global not-for-profit organization

The DAYLIGHT Collective is an independent, nonpartisan global non-profit organization implementing rule of law, access to justice, and development solutions in the United States and internationally through strategic planning, training, technical assistance, advocacy, and capacity-building mechanisms.  The DAYLIGHT Collective conducts assessment and strategic planning, interdisciplinary advocacy and policy recommendations, capacity-building for individuals and organizations, and technical assistance on diversity and inclusion and leadership development relating to a wide range of rule of law and access to justice issues.

The DAYLIGHT team has worked on the ground in conflict, post-conflict, transitional, and community-based interventions and projects in the United States, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America.  From assessing needs comprehensively (including worker and community resiliency and sustainability) to developing effective, impactful metrics, indicators, and measures of success to creating curriculum and training tools that are actually useful cross-culturally to providing onsite technical assistance and capacity-building, the DAYLIGHT, Inc. team is synonymous with care, deliberation, and high-quality results.