Organizational Transformation

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DAYLIGHT specializes in facilitating organizational transformation.  We use a series of planning tools to assess the strengths of your operation and your enabling environment and to make recommendations to enhance your impact.  How do you grow your organization to meet the needs of the communities you serve?  How do you get into the key conversations that guide the industry?  How do you become a player?  As important, how do you offer the resources and structure that allows your team to reach its full potential?  Contact us.

In addition, strong organizations focus on building resilience and strengthening teams. Recognizing and building the skills of your team, both as individuals and as a collective, is a skill in and of itself.  Community-based work domestically and internationally involves tough situations on a frequent basis.  Helping these become teachable moments of growth and development requires care, attention, and skill.  Preventing burnout and fostering resiliency requires affirmative attention to the ways in which this work can be abrasive to the spirit.  None of it is easy, but the decreased turnover and increased morale saves money and facilitates productivity and success.


Training + Technical Assistance

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From training templates customized for your use to turn-key interactive training services onsite, we have experience training leaders, institutions, and communities domestically and internationally.  We train individuals and organizations, including high level government and corporate actors, community members, police, attorneys, students, and activists.  We work in English and other languages, and can provide services in translation.  We will work with you to ensure we can meet your needs with a high-quality, reusable product that will both engage and educate.

Selected training programs: Implicit Bias | Building Systems Strategy for Justice | A Systems Approach to Racial Justice | Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality | Community Policing, Use of Force, and New Tactics

Our technical assistance involves building tools and mechanisms to enhance your effectiveness in your unique circumstances.  From efficiency-enhancing mechanisms in challenging environments to "how to" guides on promoting rule of law, legal reform, access to justice, and stability, we offer concrete resources to enhance capacity.

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Sexuality and Gender Identity

rethink the binary.

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Sexual and gender diversity exists everywhere and is expressed locally in a variety of important and valid ways.  Enhancing the agency, protecting the human rights, and capacity-building for people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities is an important individual, community, and civil society endeavor. It is also a significant focus of legal and policy form domestically and internationally. Having worked on sexual orientation and gender in the United States and internationally, including in developing and post-conflict nations, the DAYLIGHT approach is explicitly sensitive to local environments, respectful, and inclusive of indigenous leaders and activists, and considerate of local cultural contexts.


Racial Justice

demand diversity.

Enduring patterns of behavior and exclusion, including structural factors, have resulted in enduring individual and structural racism and ongoing racial injustice.  Breaking painful and powerful legacies of racism requires clear and transparent strategies, overt communication and discourse, and dedication.  These include organizational and individual strategies.

Meaningful and successful diversity and inclusion initiatives are not merely about representation nor are the motivated chiefly by avoiding liability. The benefits of diversity include enhanced productivity, team-building, and innovation.  Meaningful diversity and inclusion benefits everyone.  As importantly, we cannot build justice organizationally or individually without creating a climate that welcomes and respects diversity - a climate that should be evident along a variety of metrics.

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Women and Children

dismante patriarchy.

We see systemic abuse and discrimination toward women and children in the name of patriarchy everywhere. DAYLIGHT has worked in the United States and internationally to address ongoing gender-based violence (GBV) and child sexual abuse. Despite decades of intervention globally, rates of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child sexual abuse remain high (and stable) in the developed and developing countries.  DAYLIGHT embraces a transformative justice approach, which looks at engaging and building community-based approaches to justice.  

DAYLIGHT's work starts with respect for local values, using them focus on building change with reference to local priorities and community norms. DAYLIGHT's work in this area also includes promoting women's access and equality.  Contact us.